Mira Svoboda

Mira SvobodaMira Svoboda is Managing Partner of Beechwood Consulting and Research. Ms. Svoboda has both managed and played a key role in a large number of evaluation projects for the federal government and health related NGOs over the past 13 years, including formative evaluations, summative evaluations, development of logic models and evaluation frameworks and development of performance measurement frameworks.

She is able to conduct research, including document reviews, interviews and focus groups, in both official languages. Her experience as an interviewer has spanned a wide range of organizations and subject matter including technical areas such as nuclear safety, environmental regulation and health care as well as social issues such as unemployment and families at risk. She has also undertaken a number of assignment related to arts and culture and sports.

Ms. Svoboda has designed and managed a number of large scale surveys. These surveys have most often been undertaken as part of an evaluation. In all cases Ms. Svoboda strives to achieve the optimal balance between the need for information against the response burden on survey respondents.

She is able to conduct research, including document review, interviews and focus groups, in both official languages. Ms. Svoboda holds a Masters degree in Economics from Carleton University. Ms. Svoboda is a member of the Canadian Evaluation Society and a credentialed evaluator.

Ms. Michelle Gauthier

Michelle GauthierMs. Michelle Gauthier is a consultant with a specialization in performance-based management who has led and played a key role in a number of research and evaluation projects for industry, the federal government, non-profit organizations and academia over the past 10 years. Michelle has applied a variety of skills related to performance-based analyses and evaluations including organizational performance measurement definition, formative and summative evaluations, operational processes analysis, quantitative and qualitative analysis and training effectiveness evaluations. She is able to conduct evaluations, including document review, interviews and focus groups, in both official languages. Ms. Gauthier holds a Masters degree in Psychology from Carleton University.

Ms. Ellie Beals

Ellie BealsEllie Beals is a Senior Associate of Beechwood Consulting and Research.  Ms. Beals, an eclectic, creative professional who has been consulting primarily to the federal government since 1983, is also a Principal of her own firm.  She entered consulting with a background of Communications and plain language skills, and has since developed a number of areas of consulting expertise, which include program evaluation, facilitation, training development and program management.  Underlying her success in these varied disciplines is a foundation of strong interpersonal skills, driving her abilities as a polished and empathetic interviewer and facilitator, and equally strong writing skills which have allowed her to develop a wide range of products including uncommonly “readable” reports, speeches, presentations,  memos to cabinet, annual reports, and more.

As an evaluator, Ms. Beals has led or participated in every type of evaluation study, including evaluability analyses, formative and summative evaluations and  horizontal evaluations.  Though social development projects funded through grants and contributions have dominated her portfolio, she has also evaluated a range of other types of initiatives.  She offers considerable skill in the full range of evaluation methodologies including the development of instruments of all sorts, conducting document and file reviews, conducting interviews, designing and facilitating focus groups and expert panels, conducting Delphi exercises, designing and analyzing surveys, and developing case studies.  Her analytic skills and the reports which display them have been consistently praised by her clients, and have led to a very high rate of  “repeat customers”.

Ms. Beals is credentialed evaluator, and is a long-time member of the Canadian Evaluation Society.  She has worked with Ms. Svodboda since 2008.